MMT Gallery - from Concept Art to Graphics
These screenshots illustrate one of the processes we are using to create some of the in game graphics for MMT (in this example inventory graphics for Staffs).

Sorky concept art

Firstly we create concept art that our modellers can work from. The concept art can either be based on descriptions provided by the game designers or the artist can create it from scratch using only their imagination (as Sorknes did in this case).

Stygius 3dsMax shot

Next our modellers (in this case Stygius) create detailed models of each staff using 3d Studio Max. These are too detailed to use in the game iteself, but are perfect for...

Stygius 3dsMax render

...rendering as a 2D image (again using 3d Studio Max). These images are then used by our 2D artists...

Inventory Mockup create graphics for the inventory and paper dolls. (Note: This shot is a mockup to show how the items may look in-game. The inventory background screen shown here will be replaced with our own.)
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